‘We must do more on dementia’

Ministers must do more to help dementia sufferers and their families, Metro Mayor Dan Norris has said.

The comments came after the West of England’s Mayor hailed ‘invaluable’ Royal West of England Academy (RWA) programmes in Clifton for people living with the disease in the city.

RWA have been running their ‘Teatime Tours’ since May of last year, with dementia patients and their carers getting to take a look at new exhibitions and some of the 600-plus artworks and sculptures they have on display, followed by tea and cake – all served with a warm welcome.

The idea is to help patients keep their minds stimulated, which doctors say is important, and provide a welcoming space for patients and their families and carers.

Mr Norris says he wants more done to help dementia patients live independently, as he singled out governments for failing to deliver on pledges to act on the disorder. He made the point that this is vital as nearly 5,000 people are living with dementia in Bristol, a number that is projected to rise.

Mr Norris said: “Bravo to the Royal West of England Academy for all that they do to support Bristol’s dementia patients, and, vitally, their families and carers as well.

“Teatime Tours and other like projects are absolutely vital But we cannot rely on goodwill, We must do more to help patients and their families, and that means a redoubling of efforts from central government to deliver on their pledges, and deliver for patients.”