Student protester targets university

A student Just Stop Oil supporter used a fire extinguisher to spray orange paint across a University of Bristol building.

Ben Meehan, 21, a filmmaking student at UWE, sprayed the glass facade of the Queen’s Building on campus as students and staff looked on. He was arrested at the scene. 

Speaking before his action Ben, who lives in Clifton, said:  “I’m taking action because I can’t stand by while universities continue to foster the very systems that are destroying us. Most people act like the world is just going to carry on, but it’s not and we haven’t got long. The very thing that gives us life is collapsing before our eyes. There is no bigger threat. 

“I call on every academic to wake up to what their students will face and get out of their labs and lecture halls to join us on the streets this autumn, to call for an 

In 2021, Bristol University’s student newspaper, Epigram, conducted research that showed that over 70% of students reported suffering from climate anxiety. 

Just Stop Oil student supporters are calling upon all academics and university staff to break out of this “double reality” and join them on the streets of London this month  to demand the UK government immediately cease the licensing for all new oil and gas projects.