School celebrates its diverse culture 

ST John’s Primary School in Clifton & Redland have celebrated the wonderful range of cultures, countries and regions represented in their school. The idea was for fam-ilies to bring in food and drink that was special to them and that they wanted to share with the rest of the school. The aim was “To Bring our Communities Together”

Deputy head teacher Ali Vining, who organised the event,  said she was over-whelmed, grateful  and hugely impressed by the high quality and thoughtful presentation of the food.

“It was quite a magical moment seeing our families come together and sharing food that they had provided.”

An incredible 33 countries, cultures or regions were represented,  from Sri Lanka to Scotland, China to Cuba, a small island in the middle of the Pacific ocean, South Korea, Romania, Ukraine, Italy and Jamaica and many more!

The idea for the event about from eight anti-bullying ambassadors from St John’s who attended training with the Diana Award, an anti-bullying charity, founded by the late Princess Diana. 

One of the ambassadors said ” If we all understand more about how different our lives are, where we come from and what is special to us, surely that would help reduce bullying and unkindness.”

The Culture Cafe worked by purchasing food vouchers that could be exchanged for small taster dishes at the different stalls. The aim was not to raise funds but to cele-brate and bring a sense of belonging – but  the school raised an amazing £1,000 at the event. 

The ambassadors chose to share the money between three charities: The Diana Award, a charity close to the school’s heart called Fingerprints in Ugan-da which is about improving lives of children in Jinga, Uganda, and a local Bristol homelessness charity.