Ascension day eases the grief

GRIEVING relatives flew kites on the Downs in Bristol to remember those who died during the Covid-19 pandemic.

They were brought together by artist Luke Jerram for the Ascension project on March 23, the fourth anniversary of the first UK lockdown,.

The specially made kites bore photos of the lost loved ones and were flown as a form of healing for those taking part and for those watching.

Luke said:  “There’s something wonderful about flying kites. It’s a way to connect the ground, to the sky. Most cultures around the world, have a spiritual connection to the sky. The sky often represents transcendence, infinity, eternity, location of heaven and the residence of the gods. For this arts project, each kite line physically and symbolically connects the participant flying the kite with the person represented on it. The act of holding the line can compared to the way we hold on to memories of the individuals we have lost. ”