Council tax rises

Council tax bills for band D households in Bristol are set to rise by more than £115 from April.

Annual charges will increase from £2,345.24 to £2,460.42, while those for band B properties are going up by £89.52, from £1,824.08 to £1,913.60.

Bristol city councillors were expected to agree the 4.99 per cent hike at budget full council on Tuesday, February 20, the maximum permitted by government without approval by a local referendum.

The bills include a £13 band D rise (4.88 per cent) for Avon & Somerset Police – from £266.20 to £279.20 – despite an initial proposed £10 increase by police & crime commissioner Mark Shelford, with Chief Constable Sarah Crew successfully arguing more resources were needed.

There will also be an uplift of £2.48 to £85.43 for Avon Fire & Rescue Service, although this will be decided at a fire authority meeting on Monday, February 19, with members also given the option of freezing charges at £82.95.

Bristol City Council’s portion of the fee, which comprises most of it, is 4.99 per cent more than last year, with two per cent set aside for social care.

Band A bills will rise by £76.71, from £1,563.49 to £1,640.20 , while band C’s increase is £89.52 to £1,913.60.

Charges for band C households will go up by £102.31 to £2,186.96 and band E from £2,866.40 to £3,007.34, a rise of £140.94.

Band F residents will pay £3,553.80, £166.23 more than now, band G is up from £3,908.73 to £4,100.53, with people living in the highest band H forking out an extra £230.16, with bills for 2024/25 at £4,920.64.

 By Adam Postans, Local Democracy Reporting Service