Wide horizons for Redmaids’ High students

Redmaids’ High School says its A-level results  are a reflection of its longstanding commitment to academic excellence and supporting students in their personal and pastoral development.

In the exams, 61.6 per cent of grades were achieved at A* or A; 84.7 per cent A*-B, 95.3 per cent  A*-C and 100 per cent A*-D.

Seven students achieving all A* grades, while 42 per cent achieved all A* or As.

Director of sixth form Lisa Moyle  said: “The fantastic A-level results this year are a true testament to the dedication, adaptability and extraordinary resilience of our students. These public exams have been their first, and I couldn’t be prouder of their ability to rise to the challenge, work hard and do so well.”

The vast majority of students have secured places at their first-choice universities. Some are looking forward to a focus on the environment, including Inessa, who will now pursue her interests with Earth and Planetary Sciences, and Molly who is following her passion for Marine Geography. Others are going on to study a language at a higher level; Hermione with Modern and Medieval Languages at Girton College, Cambridge University, Rebecca with German and Linguistics at New College, University of Oxford, and Téa with Modern Languages and Economics at the University of Warwick.

Beyond the more traditional university routes, the school is also celebrating students taking on other exciting pathways, such as Evie who will soon begin her Accountancy Degree Apprenticeship, Olivia and Cecilia, who will be attending Drama School having achieved 100% in their performance components, and

 More students than ever are

looking forward to their planned enriching gap year adventures, exploring different cultures and landscapes across the globe.

Mrs Moyle continued, “This year group’s final grades, together with the diverse opportunities awaiting them, speak volumes about their confidence and determination to be who they want to be and for that I am most proud.

“I will miss them all greatly, but I know they are more than ready for their next chapter as they begin to make their mark in this world and I am so excited for what their promising futures will bring.”

The school’s head, Mr Paul Dwyer, commented, “I am exceptionally proud of our students’ outstanding performance in this year’s A-levels. These results are a culmination of their unwavering dedication, inspired passion and the exemplary support from our teaching staff and wider school community.

“Our students have not only met the challenges presented to them, but have consistently exceeded our expectations. As they embark on exciting new beginnings, I am confident that they will carry forward the spirit and values they’ve developed here at Redmaids’ High, making a positive and significant impact wherever they go. I congratulate each and every one of our students for their remarkable achievements and wish them all the very best for their future.”